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                 >> Company Profile
              Touch Thermal Insulation Inc is from China,our main products are Thermal insulation materials for industrial ,home and mechanical insulation,and we produce pipe cover, Slab/board and blanket etc。

              we produce mainly fibreglass (glass wool) pipe,rockwool / mineral wool pipe,and rockwool slab, fibreglass blanket and rockwool blanket with and without steel wiremesh,and we have ASJ (Fire-Retard),FSK,and UK-style alu-foil as facing for clients. we also provide with calcium silicate pipe and board,and also cellular glass for cold insulation.

              We have been exported to UK,USA,Canada, Australia, and Middle East Market for many years,and we win good reputation for our superior quality and service.

              For details,pls refer to the products information in our website.